Motomco Mole Killer - Worms

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Motomco Mole Killer - Earthworm Formula 12pk

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The first and only bait scientifically proven to kill moles in both laboratory and field studies.
  • Only bait proven to kill moles.
  • Designed and manufactured to mimic the mole's natural food source - the earthworm.
  • Registered with the EPA utilizing proven laboratory and field test results with moles.
  • Proven to kill moles in just a single feeding.
  • Moles typically die in their tunnels
  • often in as little as 12-24 hours after ingesting a single worm.
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Motomco Ltd.
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Product Name:
Motomco Mole Killer - Earthworm Formula 8 pk
Product Type:
Mole Poison Bait
Product Length:
3.75 in.
Product Width:
7.375 in.
Product Weight:
40 gm.
Product Height:
6.00 in.
12 pk.
Label Information:
Read label for applications and use restrictions.
Assembly Required:
1 Year in Un-Opened Package
Package Height:
6.00 in.
Package Length:
3.75 in.
Package Width:
7.375 in.
Package Weight:
Package Includes:
12 Worm Shaped Baits (12 placements)
Scientifically proven to kill moles, Mole Killer resembles their natural food - earthworms - in size, shape and feel. This breakthrough product was developed and tested on live, captured moles and contains special enhancers to attract moles. It kills in just a single feeding. Moles usually die in their tunnel, often within 12-24 hours of ingesting a single worm. Mole Killer is EPA-approved for use by homeowners on lawns and gardens.