norweco® Blue Crystal Tablets10lbs.

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Blue Crystal Residential Disinfecting Tablets - For Use In All Aerobic Septic Systems.

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Each pail contains 32 tablets that are 2 5/8" in diameter and 1" thick. Tablets are approved and listed with the United States Environmental Protection Agency for treatment of wastewater. Designed to provide rapid disinfection, they reduce 99% of bacteria within the first ten minutes of contact.
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Blue Crystal Disinfecting Tablets
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Chlorine Tablets
32 Tablets
Aerobic Septic Tablets
12 in.
12 in.
10 in.
10 lbs.
White w/Blue Crystals
Calcuim Hypochlorite
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Blue Crystal disinfecting tablets are the firstt microbiocide specifically developed for use in residential wastewater treatment applications. Using a proprietary grade of calcuim hypochlorite as the active ingredient, Blue Crystal tablets are manufactured to provide a consistent chlorine dose. To insure the effective treatment of residential wastewater flows, the tablets automatically adjust their dissolve rate in direct proportion to the rate of incoming flow. Homeowners and operators can finally meet regulatory disinfection requirements with a product that is inexpensive, safe and easy to use. Formulated to maintain positive disinfection during low, sustained, variable and intermittent flow rates that are common in residential systems. Blue Crystal Tablets are a stong oxidizing agent and are highly corrosive. Use or contact with oils, acids, petroleum products, reducing agents or other compounds, such as swimming pool tablets, is extremely dangerous which could result in a fire or explosion. Tablets may be fatel if swallowed, do not allow tablets to contact skin, eyes or clothing. Keep out of reach of children.